What are Cookies?
Cookies are small (temporary) text files we transfer to your device that enable the collection of information from your device (“Cookies”). 

Why does LifeStraw use Cookies?

We use Cookies to operate the Sites, measure website audience, provide social media functionality and to enable advertising and advertising targeting.

How can I make choices about Cookies and my privacy?
You can change your preferences at any time by disabling the use of analytical/performance cookies and/or social media/advertising cookies on your browser. When you withhold your consent, this does not automatically delete any cookies that are already on your device pursuant to your previous consent. You will need to delete these cookies manually by following the instructions on your web browser. Please note you will lose some functionality on the site if you do not consent to us using all of the Cookies categories.

What other digital technologies does LifeStraw use?
Web Pixels: Pixels are extremely small image files that, when loaded by your web browser, cause the browser to make a network request to the party corresponding to the pixel. One of the most commonly used pixels is a Facebook pixel, which we use. If that party’s cookies are currently stored in your browser, those cookies will be transmitted with the request. 

Social Network Interaction and Widgets: Social network widgets, buttons, and plug-ins on the Sites passively transmit data regarding a social network’s members to that social network. These technologies may allow a social network (such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) to personally identify its members and to know the web pages its members have visited. This is true wherever social network buttons are embedded. If you belong to a social network or use these categories of web services, you should review the privacy policies of those services to understand the nature of the data that they collect and what, if any, options the service offers to control how data is collected and used. If you disable advertising cookies, the passive tracking associated with these buttons will be blocked on our site.

Contacting us
For questions about this notice or the practices of the site, you can contact us at